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Sunday, April 15, 2007


The Greek chicken marinade I love was on this weekend's menu. After we'd had pitas and salad with it twice and after we'd begun sopping up the remains onto bread like a dipping sauce, we had another idea: paint the marinade onto sliced bread.

Mom had bought eight long hoagie loaves at Sam's Club a few days ago--for the grand total of $2.86, I believe, so I took half of one loaf, sliced it into 1/2 inch chunks, and set them on a foil-lined cookie sheet. Then I coated each with the marinade, using a pastry brush.

Following a crostini baking tip from a cookbook, I put the breads in a 375degree oven for 9 minutes. The result was crusty, crunchy, flavorful crostini that we all loved. I think they'd be great as appetizers, with salads, or with pastas. Easy, cheap, and tasty!


Rachel and Jacob said...

OoOOoo yum!!

Rachel and Jacob said...

While Jacob is gone i like to make myself snacks so I was gunna mame this but I have no oregano! of all my spices... blast. .. I even have the red wine vinegar and lemons. I however, was gunna brush it on thinly sliced polenta... to make a crostini. Ill make it later :)

givengrace said...

Hey, just a heads up, be careful with the red wine vinegar. A little bit is totally fine, but I remember Shell and I making the marinade when she was pregnant, and her midwife said she couldn't have it. :(

I think it would be good with even just EVOO and some herbs! And the polenta is a great idea. Giada from Food Network loves it. :)